Adidas Sobakov boost X Sivasdescalzo

Sivasdescalzo wanted to present the new adidas Consortium Sobakov Boost in a big way, which is why they’ve associated themselves with the Barcelona-based studio Querida to conjure up an artistic piece which, from a move from the ’82 Football World Cup, Mans O creates a song while Alejandra Smits recites a poem over whilst Candela Capitán dances. Past, present and future reunited. 

adidas Sobakov Boost


Querida , the Barcelona-based studio, has been building unique and sublime imagery for a while now. Imagery with which they are able to take on any project, no matter if the nature of it is very different: music, fashion, technology… There’s no difference. The important thing is to associate oneself with similar souls like Solange, Rosalía, Paloma Wool or Casa Bonay. And now, Sivasdescalzo and adidas.

And the launch of the new adidas Consortium , the Sobakov Boost model, deserved an action like the one that has been conjured up by Sivasdescalzo and Queridastudio. After all, just as Querida’s Marc Sancho and Albert Estruch explain to us, everything that starts well ends well: “It was one of those times where we felt that they were contacting us because they were exactly looking for what we know how to do and for our perspective when it comes to taking on projects. We are a studio that tries to leave an artistic and plastic mark in everything we do, and Sivasdescalzo saw that we fit well together” . The idea was to honour the ’82 Football World Cup with very clearly defined intentions: “Sivasdescalzo had a very clear idea in mind, and what we did was to deliver it on a narrative level. The sneaker is a homage to the ’82 Football World Cup, with a reference to Naranjito’s figure. The World Cup meant the aperture, the freedom and the explosion of creativity for Spain after the dictatorship. The team of Sivasdescalzo was very clear on wanting to represent these values through young artists who associated themselves to these ideas. We provided a narrative touch and we were in charge of selecting the artists that we best believed could represent those values”.

Candela Capitán

adidas Sobakov Boost

Those artists were actually the musician Mans O , the choreographer Candela Capitán and the poet Alejandra Smits . For each one of them, Querida had them on their radar for different reasons: “Mans O is a friend and frequent collaborator of Querida. With Candela we had always wanted to work with her. And with Alejandra we had many friends in common and we wanted to do something together with her” . From there, weaving the future that these three artists conjugate in their proposals with the past of the World Cup was Querida’s main challenge: “One of the main problems that were laid out to us was that in Querida’s team no one had seen the ’82 World Cup. We had nothing to remember from that era. So we came about it in a different way: what we liked from the artists we had selected were the values that they conveyed through their work. Therefore, we were going to focus all of our efforts in creating the work, which would be based on the ’82 World Cup. It would be the broadcast of a football move. That way, we take football as a starting point and we turn it into a beat with which Mans O creates a song with which Candela dances to it whilst Alejandra recites a poem. We take the essence of football to turn it into an artistic piece”.

But there was still a missing piece to finish explaining that sublime creative puzzle: “ Dani Fortuny is a director that we really appreciated how he works and we believed he could provide a counterpoint to our aesthetic universe. The video has a darker touch, but that’s exactly why we like it. We wanted to develop that image and for Dani to provide us with some darkness to be able to work with the dance” . The final result is an infinitely beautiful piece that takes us back to that moment in which the whole country felt that they were advancing, opening up to the world, that progress was possible and tangible. How are we not going to like to get a bit of that feeling back?

Mans O
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