Bodega Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection Video

Even if you aren’t a football fan, you’re undoubtedly aware of Monday Night Football as an institution. An in-depth look at the phenomenon would delve into a lot of technical details concerning the finer points of broadcasting, not to mention a dissection of football’s place in the American cultural imagination. But really, the whole cultural edifice that is televised, prime time sports is predicated on one very simple idea. When you take something that people are used to seeing at a certain time of day, and put it under a spotlight at night, the occasion becomes inherently bigger. A game that, in the regular televised schedule would be either regionally available, or one option among many, becomes a featured, marquee match up. The fact that viewers will plan their schedule around the consumption of this event, disrupting their normal routine and likely losing out on sleep in the process, makes it feel that much more important.

You can easily apply the same logic to going out in the course of your daily life. Going out during the day is the expected norm. Work, appointments, errands, and any number of other commitments will have most people out and about during the day, whether they want to be or not. Night on the other hand is a matter of choice. Free of the workday’s obligations, the prospect of spending extended periods of time out of the house, is totally a matter of choice. You’re either in for the night, or you are actively seeking to make an occasion out of it. In other words, “going out.”

The first step in any night out, no matter what the activity is, is dressing up. We don’t mean dressing up in the formal, jacket and tie sense, but in the sense that when you make the conscious decision to go out for the night, you don’t just “throw something on.” Whatever aesthetic your personal tastes may run towards, your attire for the evening will be carefully selected with the express aim of looking your best.

The Bodega Autumn/Winter 2019 Private Label Collection is all about bringing that floodlit, center of attention sense of occasion and spectacle to the kind of seasonal classics that typically feature during daylight hours.

The season’s cut and sew pieces feature utilitarian hallmarks of New England in the fall, like waxed cotton, corduroy, Sherpa fleece and waffle knit thermals. The functionality that outfits so many crisp, early morning activities against a backdrop of scenic foliage and fresh coffee shifts its focus to a more style conscious, modern outlook. Like all of the best workwear that mutates into contemporary fashion, the key to transforming these fall pieces is in capturing the willingness to pull on your gloves and start raking leaves, without any actual obligation to do so, freeing up that enterprising spirit to be spent as you see fit. The after dark spotlight extends to the collection’s sportswear basics: hoodies, graphic tees and headwear. These perennial casual fixtures are given an extra dimension that veteran observers would likely call the big game feel.

Think of it as pulling off your practice uniform, suiting up for real and walking out of the tunnel to a packed crowd.

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