Honda Mean Mower reaches 100mph in 6.285 Seconds

Yes, there is a fastest accelerating lawnmower in the world, and yes, it has been named.

Honda’s Mean Mower V2 has won the accolade from the people at Guinness World Records, who have declared it as having the fastest acceleration for a lawnmower, averaging 0 to 100 mph in just 6.285 seconds — while still performing its grass-cutting duties. (To qualify for the record, the mower had to actually look and function like a lawnmower — which it does.)

The new record was announced this week; it was set last month by a professional stunt driver on a track in Germany.

The Mean Mower has cred: An earlier version set a record in 2014. The latest version, released in 2018, can go even faster, with a top speed of 150 mph, which could really cut down your time spent on yard work.

If you’re looking for your own rideable lawnmower for maintaining your lawn or, you know, racing, Honda’s UK site has a few availablefor a hefty sum.

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