Journal of the Mysterious Creatures TV Anime Trailer

A dramatic new trailer is now available online for Journal of the Mysterious Creatures, an upcoming upcoming TV anime that is based on the popular web novel by Yuan Tong about an easy-going young man who becomes the landlord at a boarding house full of supernatural beings.

Known as Ijou Seibutsu Kenbunroku in Japanese and Yìcháng shēngwù jiànwén lù in Chinese, The story of Journal of the Mysterious Creatures follows Yoshihito, a young man who decides to make ends meet by renting rooms in his home, only to get more than he bargained for when his first tenant turns out to be a werewolf that gets attacked by a vampire on the way to the house.

Shortly after the werewolf and vampire move in, Yoshihito is scouted by an organization that maintains order across various parallel universes, and he becomes an apprentice observer of / landlord to numerous supernatural creatures.

Journal of the Mysterious Creatures is directed by Shenlan Ren and Yukio Nishimoto and features animation production by MMT Technology Co.,Ltd. The series will broadcast in Japan in 2019.


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