New Gunjyo no Magumeru ( Magmell of the Sea Blue) trailer

A dynamic new trailer reveals the perilous world of Gunjyo no Magumeru (known in English as Magmell of the Sea Blue), an upcoming TV anime based on the Chinese comic by Dainenbyou about a young man who rescues explorers who get in trouble while adventuring on a mysterious, newly discovered continent in the Pacific Ocean.

The story of Gunjyo no Magumeru is set on the mysterious continent of Magumeru, which miraculously appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean one day. Since Magumeru is teeming with unknown flora, fauna, and minerals, its appearance sets off an exploration craze, but the island is also incredibly dangerous. A young man named In You makes a living by rescuing explorers who get in trouble there.

The original Gunjyo no Magumeru comic (known in China as Shí yòu zhī guó) is serialized in FanFan’s Ok! Comic magazine, and a translation of it is also published in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ magazine. The Gunjyo no Magumeru TV anime is directed by Hayato Date and features series composition by Chūji Mikasano, music by Yasuharu Takahashi, and animation production by Pierrot.

Gunjyo no Magumeru will broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX beginning on April 07, 2019, with additional broadcasts to follow on BS Fuji beginning on April 08, 2019, and on AT-X beginning on April 12, 2019.

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