New Humanoid Ningen BEM

Bem, Bela, and Belo are back to protect humanity in a new spin on a classic anime.

The 50th anniversary Humanoid Monster BEM project has released a new PV and key visual, showing the monstrous trio in their new forms. Bem (CV Katsuyuki Konishi), Bela (CV M.A.O), and Belo (CV Kensho Ono) are a group of human-passing yokai who, despite humanity’s hatred of them, fight to protect them from other monsters.
The new series not only gives its three leads a major redesign, but introduces new human characters. At the forefront are Sonia (CV Maaya Uchida), a young detective with a strong sense of justice, and Joel Woods (CV Kenji Nomura) from the mysterious association Outside 18. Last but not least, Maaya Sakamoto joins the cast as a character simply credited as “Mysterious Woman.”

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