Solstice, a kinetic clock that soothes time

Historically, we experienced the passing of time from the tracking of stars across the sky and the passage of shadows across the ground. In modern day life however, time and a need for absolute accuracy has become a source of stress. At Animaro, they believe the passing of time can be something of beauty.

Created by London-based design studio Animaro, Solstice is a clock that turns the passing of time into a moving artwork. It gradually changes shape throughout the day, opening and closing like a flower. Solstice is the second in a range of products from Animaro that seeks to celebrate mechanical movements and bring back a closeness with the objects in our home. At midday, when the sun is higher in the sky the clock is at its largest. At 6pm, when the sun is lower the clock is at its smallest. It is a moving backdrop to you life, offering a new way to tell the time, through shape and pattern.

So! How does it work?

The clock face is made from small pieces of wood connected with joints, allowing them to move freely. As the hour hand turns round it pulls and pushes the wooden mechanism, causing it to gradually open and close. Solstice is a 12 hour clock with a single hour hand, much like a sundial. It does not show minutes or seconds, but rather, shows the time of day. It offers a more relaxed and meditative view of time. Its retail price will be around $770, but you could get it for less until the 13th of December if you back its Kickstarter campaign.


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