Stormzy Vs. Wiley

As the tension between the US and Iran grows there’s another war going on in the airwaves between UK Grime MC’s Wiley and Stormzy. The beef seems to go full on.

Stormzy released Wiley flow last year what seemed like a tribute to the Grime pioneer Wiley. As the song opens with a snippet of Wiley saying ” Bruv, I didn’t look at this way before, but as I approach my birthday. All you men ar my youngers. You men are my youngers bruv.”
But clearly it didn’t go down well for Wiley. He went on the socials to give his thoughts explaining that a hommage isn’t always a hommage.
Wiley released Eediyat Skengman 1 in the beginning of this year on the 5th of January, witch is a full fledged 3 minute attack on Stormzy, with the titled extension “Stormzy send” it was quite clear.
A day later while being on a promotional tour Stormzy replied with a 2 min full video Disappointed.
Wiley didn’t wait long to reply with the Eediyat Skengman 2 track a day after and yesterday with a official video.
Stormy replied three hours later with the video Still Disappointed.
We are al wondering what will come next. Who do you think got the most game?

Check out all vids below.

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