A few days ago we featured Tobe NWigwe with his single Juice with @paulwallaby, Now he’s back with another one. IT AIN’T LIKELY • AVAILABLE NOW ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS!!! #gettwistedsundays #OUU Check out some behind the scenes below 🎵…

Flamethrowing Drones for Pest Management, oh gawd

“The WASP is built to withstand all sorts of conditions, both cold and hot,” claims the company’s product video. A flamethrower mounted on a drone sounds dangerous AF in the wrong hands, but as scary as it looks, the WASP is really designed for industrial use. Throwflame calls it “a game changer for clearing vital infrastructure, igniting remote vegetation, and eliminating pests.”

This flying saucer may change flight forever

The ADIFO (All-Directions Flying Object) can move with unprecedented aerial agility across a broad range of speeds.

A Concept Car with a Personal Robotic Butler

Knowing that self-driving technologies will open many new possibilities in the future, designers bene distler and felix marx have conceptualized a fully autonomous, electric fleet vehicle that services passengers’ storage needs instead. called EXIGEN, the concept car intelligently adapts in…