Is the Lumiwatch the smartwatch of the future??

‘Lumiwatch’ is an on-arm projection smartwatch. The fully-functional, self-contained device offers 40 square centimeters of interactive surface area and allows for continuous 2D finger tracking. Bring on the holograms

This flying saucer may change flight forever

The ADIFO (All-Directions Flying Object) can move with unprecedented aerial agility across a broad range of speeds.

Did Samsung fix the failed fold

Samsung has reportedly completed a redesign of its flagship galaxy fold smartphone, which began breaking before it was even released. the new design features a re-engineered phone hinge that has been raised slightly above the screen, allowing the phone’s protective…

Samsung is already working on 6G

5G networks and smartphones haven’t even properly arrived yet, but Samsung is already working on the next generation of cellular network technology. The Korea Herald reported Tuesday that Samsung has launched a new research center, focusing, among other things, on 6G…