Taiwan-made Anime Film Deus Ex Baryon Released Today

When countless laser beams come down from the sky and destroy all the countries that hold the advanced weapons, the world descends into chaos. Taiwan, fortunately, escapes the first wave of attack. People then assume that the cities built underwater are immune to the invasion and therefore gather forces under the sea to prepare for the counter-attack. However, they are unaware of the sea monsters that will prove to be the beginning of another nightmare…

Following the premiere event in Taipei on Tuesday, Taiwan’s first giant robot anime feature film 重甲機神: 神降臨 / Deus Ex Baryon finally starts its theatrical run in the country today, November 8, 2019. The Chinese title literally means Heavy armored machine god: God descends.

The plan for the 110-minute original film was launched in Taiwan in 2014. Its anime production were all done in Taiwan, spending five years to complete. According to the director, Chinese animation and movie companies were constantly asking him to sell the film on favorable terms during the five years, but he refused the offers because if he sold it, its story would be set in China instead of the original plan’s Taiwan.


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