Terminator NES Game We Almost Got to Play

Gamers, especially those of the 80s and 90s, know SUNSOFT by their work. The Japanese company was responsible for several movie tie-ins, the Final Fantasy Legend Game Boy games, and original titles like Journey to Silius. They also almost had a Terminator game… which you can now (sort of) take a peek at.

Video game preservation group Gaming Alexandria has uploaded a rare promotional video for what was going to be SUNSOFT’s Terminator game. The video, shown at 1989’s Winter Consumer Electrics Show, was fairly confident that the upcoming Terminator video game would be a big deal:

Fact fans will know, of course, things did not turn out this way at all—due to SUNSOFT losing the licensing during production, the game was altered significantly and became the very different Journey to Silius.

As for why the licensing was lost? Apparently SUNSOFT didn’t keep the game particularly in line with the film. Rather than coming to the Creative Licensing Corporation with a pitch and a plan, they arrived with a finished build of the game. What they’d made sounds more like a prequel than a tie-in, with the protagonist fighting Skynet and an army of robots in the future. The license was revoked, and the game became Journey to Silius (or Rough World in Japan).

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