The ‘lua’ smart planter is the tamagotchi of plants

Luxembourg-based mu-design team has designed a smart planter that transforms your plants into tamagotchi-like pets. making it easier for plant-owners to look after their greenery, the ‘lua’ device is loaded with a series of sensors that let it trigger up to 15 different emotions, measuring everything from the soil’s moisture, temperature, and light exposure.
The emotions are displayed via an 2.4 inch LCD ips screen located at the front of the smart planter. it displays a panting face if your plant needs water, a face with chattering teeth if the plant is too cold, and a sweating face if the plant is too hot.

To get started you just need to download the free mobile app and have your planter scan the QR code. you will select the plant so your smart planter knows what kind of conditions need to be maintained to keep your precious green-pet alive.

A series of other faces include a squinting face if your plant has had too much light exposure and a sick face for too much water. there’s also a vampire face if the plant could do with a little sunlight, and a happy face if conditions are perfect.

Lua even has a motion sensor that lets it follow motion with its eyes. according to the mu design team, if their suspected development goals are met they will also program a grumpy face will display if it’s raining outside.

lua isn’t currently available for sale, but you can fund the development of through an indiegogo campaign. at the time of writing, the concept has 158 backers and $15,496 pledged, which is about 51% of its fixed goal. the lua has a target ship date of december 2019.

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