Undercover behind THE NEW WARRIORS

For its first Paris Runway show, Japanese cult label UNDERCOVER and designer Jun Takahashi has released a documentary behind the Spring/Summer 2019 collection “THE NEW WARRIORS.”

The video, aptly titled “Behind THE NEW WARRIORS” is an intimate look at the preparation for the show, as well as insight into the collection and the ideas behind his SS19 season. The theme is loosely based on the cult classic film The Warriors in which a 1970s New York City is overridden by pockets of gangs, each with their own unique style and agenda. The collection references the film with elements of styling and attitude, with clear parallels between Walter Hill’s 1979 movie and Jun’s vision.

In the video, the casting of the models and the runway show happenings are highlighted in the 20-minute-long documentary, while Takahashi narrates concepts behind his collection, of which merge street and mode style of which the brand has been synonymous.

i-D delves deeper into the documentary, uncovering the documentary and its production company UCP:

This documentary is the second piece of work by your creative agency Undercover Production (UCP) — what are your aims for it?

I’ve been working with the other three [photographers Taro Mizutani and Katsuhide Morimoto and art director Tetsuya Nagato run UCP with Jun] for many years, I trust them a great deal, and we also hang out together all the time. I feel like all four of our sensibilities are a little bit unusual — we’re all kind of weird, you could say. None of us could do it alone, but if it’s the four of us, we can brainstorm ideas, and then make them into adverts, films and products and so on. We felt like stepping into those kinds of industries might be interesting. Of course we intend to do this not just within Japan, but internationally. But really, rather than planning in what direction we want to take it, it’s more a question of how it’d be kind of fun for four loonies like us to get together and do stuff.

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